10 Scrumptious Spring Bakes

Spring has sprung. Flowers (and their retched pollen!) are blooming everywhere, and delicious fruits are now in season. To celebrate, I have collected together some scrumptious Spring bakes, that are TOTALLY healthy because they have fruit! (don’t go ruining my fantasy with sense and reason!)

This chocolately cloud of yum from Artful Desperado. It has fruit, that makes it healthy right?!

Not too fussed on the whole ‘baking’ thing, but still want a delicious treat? How about these beautiful Panna Cotta with Berry Sauce creations from Natasha’s Kitchen!

This Berry and Lavender sponge is just delightful, and would be perfect for any occasion! Care of Moncheri Bridals (unable to trace original designer, if you know please let me know!).

Want to give the kids a treat, but don’t want to have to scrape them off the ceiling before bedtime? How about these delightfully sweet (and pretty healthy!) Chocolate Dipped Fruit Cones from My Fussy Eater.

Lemon Cheesecake Mousse. I’m assuming these are shot glasses, ‘cause that’s how imma eat them.. Tempting tasties from Cooking Classy.

A classic with a twist, this delectable Eton Mess Cake is from The Cake Blog.

These little bites have everything, no bake, pre-bought tart cases, and cheesecake, most importantly cheesecake. White Chocolate Cheesecake Tarts from The Chunky Chef.

Fruit and flowers, a perfect Spring combination from Merry Cake Shop.

Its bright, its fruity, and it has my favourite flowers, Pansies. Spring in a slice from Sally Cakes.

The photo alone is amazing! This stunning Gluten Free Blueberry Pavlova with Blueberry Banana Ice cream is just magnificent. Culinary beauty from Our Food Stories.

Got a favourite ‘must make’ Spring recipe? Lt me know in the comments!

Viva La Buttercream x

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