An Interview with.. Shawna McGreevy!

Some people have a bigger impact on people’s lives than they realise. At a point in my life when I felt very lost, I found some Cake Decorating tutorials on YouTube, by someone named Shawna McGreevy.

I was hooked. I had found what I was supposed to be when I grow up (hasn’t happened yet!), and I had a renewed interest in my creative passion, which had withered under the stresses of life. I never forgot how finding that hope made me feel, and I endeavour to inject as much of that awesome feeling into Viva La Buttercream as I can, because that’s what Shawna did for me, and it changed my life.

I am truly honoured to call her a friend, as well as an inspiration, and I got the chance to have a chat with her recently while demonstrating for her new learning platform, about life, and cake, and Shawna, so enjoy!

State your name and awesomeness for the record!

“My business name is McGreevy Cakes.I’m a Cake Artist/Instructor and run an online cake school called Cakeheads where I create new cake tutorials, hold live demonstrations and discussions, and hang out in a private group with Cakeheads members, troubleshooting, answering questions, and just having a bit of fun. ;)I also run a blog which is what led to the start of”

You’re a gifted Artist, so how did cake catch you?

“Though I was obsessed with drawing and painting when I was a kid, I went to school for a degree in Elementary Education and was hired as a 6th grade teacher for a few years before I started having babies.

I quit when I became a mama, and somehow got myself completely addicted to cake decorating when my fourth and youngest kiddo was about six months old.

I launched a cake decorating business soon after, which was about six years ago.I started off making cakes for customers while blogging and running a YouTube channel, sharing how I made each cake with anyone interested… or bored. :)”

I’m very glad you did! So is there is particular ‘Shawna’ style?

“Hmmm… I guess I kind of dabble in all different styles and maybe don’t have one that I’m associated with.I do think I’ve got a particular “flavor” of cake art that I tend towards, though. (Pun sorto’ intended. 😉) I tend to like working with bold, striking colors in “clean” designs, I think.Though pastels can make me melty any day of the week, as well. (I’m not really sure I answered that question at all then, have I?)

I do have a product for sale that I’ve created to help cake artists create edible figures for their cakes a bit more quickly.It’s a face mold that can be used with fondant and other edible mediums that will speed up the process of modeling a human face.(‘Cause I myself was sick and tired of spending so much time modeling faces, and knew there had to be an easier way.)You can find it and watch a video on how to use it on my blog,” (I have it too, its awesome!)

What’s your favourite part of your job?

“One of my favorite parts of the job is designing each cake, and then seeing it come together in the end just how I envisioned it in my head. 

(Err, WHEN that actually happens, anyway.Sometimes I’ve got a WHOLE different kindo’ somethin’ on my hands at the end of the day… which may or may not be a good thing.)”

What’s one thing you wish people knew about Caking?

“Probably that most cake artists are passionate about what they’re creating.It’s not just food to them… it’s actually their art and often an expression of themselves, just as in many other forms of art. These cakes are (and should be) pretty expensive luxuries, because the artists pour their heart and soul into their creations, obsessing over details, putting loooong hours in to make sure they’re “just right”.

You can’ think of it as just ordering a cake for your kid’s birthday party.

If you have your heart set on an intricate cake design, you have to think of it as splurging and custom ordering a showpiece in the form of cake for your kid’s special day.”

Absolutely! Ok, so we know you are awesome, but what’s something we DIDN’T know about Shawna?

“I sing… AND I dance while I’m working on a new creation. And I do neither of those two things well.

I chew ice.A lot.No really… like, a LOT.I even have a special nugget ice maker at home so I can feed my addiction all day long.Which means I’m practically wearing my snowsuit in the house every day in the winter ‘cause I’m normally freezing even WITHOUT chewing ice all day.

I’m even chewing ice right now. I know. Weirdo.”

Parting shot, what should we remember?

“That judging ice chewers in not ok.We have feelings, too. Tee hee 😉

Gotta love her!Thank you Shawna, for speaking with us, and for being so stinkin’ awesome ?

You can catch Shawna on, as well as at her Social Media homes below!

Cakeheads –

Mcgreevy Cakes Blog –

McGreevy Cakes Face Mold –

Facebook page –

Editors Note:

I finally got to meet Shawna, IN PERSON, at Cake Fair in 2017.

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  1. Love these interviews. I just got started in cake artistry, so it’s liberating to hear the stories of my cake heroes.One important thing, whether Shawna knows it or not, chewing ice is a major indicator of a serious iron deficiency. She should check with her doc.
    Thanks again, Kerrie.

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