Kerrie Wyer

10 Perfect Pastels

When someone asks me what my favourite colour is, I always say PASTELS. Pastel ALL the things 😍 I’ve put together some of my favourite Pastel Bakes, for inspiration, but also Pastels! Kitty! I love these adorable Monsters Inc style Macarons! Look at the little horns! Monster sweetness from Kokoma. Mint Green. Sprinkles. Its all there basically, and best of all, they have hidden Nutella… Read More »10 Perfect Pastels

Happy 9th Birthday Grayson

Our baby turned nine! Cannot believe my baby is nearly double digits! We celebrated his birthday at a local madhouse (play centre), and of course I made the cake. As usual I asked what he would like, and this years current obsession is Bendy and the Ink Machine, and its partner game, Bendy in Nightmare Run. I would like to clarify that he hasn’t ACTUALLY… Read More »Happy 9th Birthday Grayson

Buttercream Stripes

Buttercream has to be one of the most versatile decorating mediums around. You can spread it, and pipe it, model it, paint it, and of course, make stripes! One of my favourite techniques is Buttercream Stripes. There are so many different design options, and of course, you don’t even have to make stripes, you can use this technique to create any stencilled effect in any… Read More »Buttercream Stripes

Product Review: Colour Mill Oil Based Colours

COLOUR MILL COLOURS PROVIDED BY COLOUR MILL FOR REVIEW If you’ve ever (tried) to colour Swiss Meringue, or chocolate, you’ll know its a frustrating process with gel colours. That’s where oil based colours come in! Instead of being water based (like gel colours), oil based colours blend more easily with oily foods like Buttercream, meringue, Royal Icing, and chocolate. This means less colour used, for… Read More »Product Review: Colour Mill Oil Based Colours

10 Must Try Cupcake Recipes

Sometimes you wanna try a new recipe, or even something REALLY decadent, but a full size cake just seems like too many stairs. That’s where the cupcake comes in! I’ve scoured the internet, and I’ve found my 10 favourites! The sweet taste of Coconut, with the tang of Blackberry, yes please! Delicious morsels from Baking a Moment. Baileys Cupcakes. Perfect for Winter’s by the fire. If they turn… Read More »10 Must Try Cupcake Recipes

Product Review: Berry Fresh Freeze Dried Berry Powder

Berry Fresh Freeze Dried Fruit Powder used in this review, provided by Berry Fresh Australia It is a truth universally acknowledged that fruit and cake go together like, well, fruit and cake! Sweet and sour, tangy and bitter, fruit adds flavour, fun, and freshness to a range of bakes. The kicker is, fruit is finicky. Fruit spoils, or may not be in season, or requires… Read More »Product Review: Berry Fresh Freeze Dried Berry Powder

Product Review: Black Cocoa Powder from Cakers Warehouse

Black frosting. It’s the holy grail of frostings. It can be achieved, but it comes at a cost, usually a weird taste, green teeth, and green.. other stuff. I had heard of Black Cocoa Powder, used to make what you may have heard of as “Blackout Buttercream”, but alas, I couldn’t get it here is Australia. The few international suppliers I could find that actually… Read More »Product Review: Black Cocoa Powder from Cakers Warehouse

Grayson’s 7th Birthday

Our little bear turned 7 a few weeks ago, and to my ever-loving thanks, he wanted a McDonalds Party. I assume other countries blessed with the gourmet stylings of McDonalds run these too, but if not, here in Oz, our local McDonalds’ have small party rooms, complete with Happy Meals, Icecream cake, and of course, a fully contained playground for your monkey’s to ATTEMPT to… Read More »Grayson’s 7th Birthday

10 Wonderful Winter Bakes

Baby, it’s cold outside! Warm those cockles with these stunning Winter bakes. Which one is your favourite? How cute is this piped snowflake cake from Wilton. They even have a tutorial on how to make it! How awesome is this?! What an amazing centrepiece this would be for the Christmas table! And then cutting in front of everyone to freak them out because the everything is… Read More »10 Wonderful Winter Bakes