Caramel Fudge

[lt_recipe name=”Caramel Fudge” servings=”18 Pieces” prep_time=”5M” cook_time=”15M” total_time=”20M” difficulty=”Easy” print=”yes” image=”” ingredients=”395 grams (14 oz) Sweetened Condensed Milk;125 grams (4 1/2 oz) Butter Melted;2 tablespoons Golden Syrup You can substitute with Corn Syrup, but get Golden syrup if you can.;1 cup Brown Sugar You can substitute Dark Brown Sugar for a stronger flavour.;150 grams (5 oz) White Chocolate Don’t use Candy Melts, they set differently” ]Add everything besides the white chocolate to a saucepan, and melt over low heat.;Simmer on low for about 10 minutes, and keep stirring. Mixture will darken as it cooks, don’t worry, you haven’t burnt it!;Remove from heat, and stir through white chocolate.;Pour into a lined baking tray or cake tin, to a depth of about a 1/2 Inch. BE CAREFUL! Nothing burns like sugar!;Allow to set for at least an hour before cutting into serves. To get an extra fancy result, cut out serves using small cookie cutters.[/lt_recipe]


Fudge will keep for up to a month in an airtight container, assuming you can keep the kids (of all ages ?) away from it.

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