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Product Review: Berry Fresh Freeze Dried Berry Powder

Berry Fresh Freeze Dried Fruit Powder used in this review, provided by Berry Fresh Australia It is a truth universally acknowledged that fruit and cake go together like, well, fruit and cake! Sweet and sour, tangy and bitter, fruit adds flavour, fun, and freshness to a range of bakes. The kicker is, fruit is finicky. Fruit spoils, or may not be in season, or requires… Read More »Product Review: Berry Fresh Freeze Dried Berry Powder

Petal Tips 101

What’s a petal tip?  How do I use it?  Which one do I need?  Should I buy all of them? AHHH!!! Deep breath. 100 Series Petal Tips If you have watched a tutorial on making Buttercream Roses, you have probably seen a 100 series petal tip.  This series includes 101, 102, 103, 104, 124, 125 and the huge 127D. All of these tips have a… Read More »Petal Tips 101

Edible Flowers: The Good, the Bad, and the Possibly Toxic

Flowers are pretty. They say “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, and “Happy Birthday”, with delicate petals, sweet perfume, and brilliant colours. And as Caker’s know, they look GREAT on cakes. Flowers can also be edible, from vaguely digestible to medicinal, but just what is safe to use? How do I prepare flowers for use on cakes? How do I know I’m buying food safe flowers?… Read More »Edible Flowers: The Good, the Bad, and the Possibly Toxic

Buttercream Essentials: What you NEED to get started

Liking the look of this Buttercream thing? Wanna have a try? Awesome! Your first visit to a Cake Supply Store can be overwhelming. Everything is shiny, and looks really useful. So just what do you NEED to get started? I’m breaking down my personal list of ‘must haves’, complete with prices, to get you started on your Buttercream journey, and to hopefully save you some money!… Read More »Buttercream Essentials: What you NEED to get started

All About Flour

Flour is a pretty common ingredient in most cakes and bakes, but just what is flour, and what does it do? What is All Purpose Flour? Can I substitute Gluten Free Flour for the flour that my recipe calls for? Strap yourselves in, its flour time! What is Flour? Flour is a powder made from finely milled grains. Wheat is by far the most commonly… Read More »All About Flour

All About Sugar

There’s a whole lot of sugar out there, and I’m not just talking about Chris Evans! There are so many different types of sugar, and sugar products, involved in baking and decorating cakes and sweets, that it can be a bit much to get your head around! What on earth is demerara sugar? Can I substitute it? Is it called something different where I’m from?… Read More »All About Sugar