How To

Buttercream Stripes

Buttercream has to be one of the most versatile decorating mediums around. You can spread it, and pipe it, model it, paint it, and of course, make stripes! One of my favourite techniques is Buttercream Stripes. There are so many different design options, and of course, you don’t even have to make stripes, you can use this technique to create any stencilled effect in any… Read More »Buttercream Stripes

Tutorial: Mermaid Sunset Cake

Nothing says Summer like the beach, and what beach would be complete without a Mermaid! Join me for a look at some simple, yet stunning techniques to create your very own Buttercream paradise! Beyond the Sea Its not a beach cake without some waves right?! Using only an offset spatula, you can create the effect of water, complete with movement. What could be a flat… Read More »Tutorial: Mermaid Sunset Cake

Hand Painting on Buttercream

Hand painted lettering is so in right now, and its so much easier than you might imagine! I certainly find it easier than hand piping writing (major props to White Flower Cake Shoppe ??), and its easily adaptable to any ‘font’ you want to use. Now if you are familiar with fondant, you might be expecting to transfer the lettering using graphite. Sorry, your gonna… Read More »Hand Painting on Buttercream

Texturing Buttercream

If you are looking for realism and depth, you gotta add some texture. Its not as hard as it sounds, and it doesn’t even require expensive tools! Have a look around your kitchen or cake room, you probably have most of these already! Silicone Basting Brush Silicone basting brushes are food safe, easy to clean, and come in a variety of bristle styles. They are… Read More »Texturing Buttercream

Simple Succulents

Succulents are awesome. They are hard to kill (a plus for those of us with NO skill with actual plants!), they come in a variety of amazing colours, shapes, and textures, and they suit pretty much any event you could want flowers for! Bonus! The good news is too, when it comes to BUTTERCREAM Succulents, they could just be the EASIEST things to pipe! Colour… Read More »Simple Succulents

Petal Tips 101

What’s a petal tip?  How do I use it?  Which one do I need?  Should I buy all of them? AHHH!!! Deep breath. 100 Series Petal Tips If you have watched a tutorial on making Buttercream Roses, you have probably seen a 100 series petal tip.  This series includes 101, 102, 103, 104, 124, 125 and the huge 127D. All of these tips have a… Read More »Petal Tips 101

Defying Gravity: Attaching Flowers to the SIDE of a Cake

Hands down, the question I get asked more than any other, is “How do you get your flowers to stick to the SIDE of the cake?!” Is it sorcery? Ah, no. Toothpicks? Nope. Glue? Eww, no. Its much, much simpler. Drop the Base One of the critical elements of attaching flowers, is keeping the weight down. Large, heavy flowers just will NOT stay stuck! That… Read More »Defying Gravity: Attaching Flowers to the SIDE of a Cake

Edible Flowers: The Good, the Bad, and the Possibly Toxic

Flowers are pretty. They say “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, and “Happy Birthday”, with delicate petals, sweet perfume, and brilliant colours. And as Caker’s know, they look GREAT on cakes. Flowers can also be edible, from vaguely digestible to medicinal, but just what is safe to use? How do I prepare flowers for use on cakes? How do I know I’m buying food safe flowers?… Read More »Edible Flowers: The Good, the Bad, and the Possibly Toxic

Unicorn Sugar Shoe

Unicorn all the things!! But seriously, how GOOD are Unicorn cakes?! Well I’ve gone one better, and made a Unicorn Sugar Shoe! The best bit? It’s easy to make, and with no cutters, templates, or molds! Break the Mold Or more accurately, break yourself of the notion that you NEED a kit, mold, tool, stencil, whatever, to create something. Imagination is the best tool you… Read More »Unicorn Sugar Shoe

Buttercream Essentials: What you NEED to get started

Liking the look of this Buttercream thing? Wanna have a try? Awesome! Your first visit to a Cake Supply Store can be overwhelming. Everything is shiny, and looks really useful. So just what do you NEED to get started? I’m breaking down my personal list of ‘must haves’, complete with prices, to get you started on your Buttercream journey, and to hopefully save you some money!… Read More »Buttercream Essentials: What you NEED to get started