How To

Making Basic Buttercream

When it comes to creating an edible work of Art, it doesn’t have to be fancy to be fabulous. Basic Buttercream is not only delicious, its highly versatile. Its a crusting Buttercream, meaning it will firm up at room temperature, giving you the perfect canvas for painting, embossing, carving, sculpting, you name it! It’s simple to make too! But just in case you are having… Read More »Making Basic Buttercream

Colouring Basic Buttercream

Colouring Buttercream is not quite as straight forward as you might think. For a start, butter is yellow. Yellow! Which means if you add blue, you don’t get blue, you get Green! Sorcery! So how do you colour buttercream?  What types of colours should you use?  And how do I get White Buttercream? Whiter Shade of Pale There are a few ways to lighten Buttercream,… Read More »Colouring Basic Buttercream

Piping a Buttercream Rose

If you like Buttercream, you probably LOVE Buttercream Roses. They are beautiful, timeless, and 100% edible (which is probably my favourite part!) They are also one of the most agonised over, and remain my most requested for classes, and for hints and tips. So can ANYONE learn how to pipe a Buttercream Rose? OF COURSE!! Just takes some practice, the right tools, and most importantly,… Read More »Piping a Buttercream Rose

Creating a Pixie Shoe

For such a long time, I’ve wanted to make a Sugar Shoe. The main hitch was, I’m not really a high heel kinda fan. If I HAVE to wear shoes, they’re usually sand shoes, and not really the sort of thing you want to create in sugar! I am however, a massive lover of all things nature and fantasy, so I thought “ooh! Pixie Shoe!… Read More »Creating a Pixie Shoe

Perfect Layers

Perfect, even layers.  They look good huh? But just how do you get them? Sorcery? Well possibly, but let’s stick to the easy way! There are numerous ways you can layer (Torte) your cake, but we’ll look at the three most popular, and weigh their pros and cons. To make it easier on you (and to waste less cake!), you can bake your cake at… Read More »Perfect Layers

Royal Icing

Do you love cookies? Of course you do! And believe it or not, they are actually as much fun to decorate, as they are to eat! True story! My favourite medium for cookie decorating is Royal Icing, hands down.  I love to pipe, so it ticks that box, but it also allows you to blend colours, patterns, and layers, as well as add minute detail,… Read More »Royal Icing

Creating a Garden

Vibrant reds, pinks and yellow roses, blend with delicate white flowers, and rich green foliage.  A breath taking display of beauty, right at the foot of one of Sydney greatest technical achievements. The simple, timeless beauty of the roses reminds us that while we are constantly evolving, and innovating, we also need to appreciate the natural world, and stop to smell the roses. I continue… Read More »Creating a Garden

Star Tips and Rosettes

Stars… in your multitude.. Sorry, I couldn’t resist, I’m a theatre buff! So you’ve probably heard the terms “open star” and “drop flower” tips, but what do they do, and when do I use them? What’s the best tip for piping rosettes? Open and Closed (Drop) Tips From their name, you can gather that open tips are open, and closed tips are closed, but what… Read More »Star Tips and Rosettes

Professional Photos at Home

So you’ve made a beautiful cake. When the light hits it just right, you could swear you hear Angels singing. So you take a photo, aaaaaand, Blergh. Dull, weird colours, lumps everywhere, what happened?? Photographing your cakes professionally, especially if you sell them, is imperative, but sooo much easier than you think. You don’t need a professional, or expensive equipment, just good natural light, a good… Read More »Professional Photos at Home