Personal Reflection

Happy 9th Birthday Grayson

Our baby turned nine! Cannot believe my baby is nearly double digits! We celebrated his birthday at a local madhouse (play centre), and of course I made the cake. As usual I asked what he would like, and this years current obsession is Bendy and the Ink Machine, and its partner game, Bendy in Nightmare Run. I would like to clarify that he hasn’t ACTUALLY… Read More »Happy 9th Birthday Grayson

Grayson’s 7th Birthday

Our little bear turned 7 a few weeks ago, and to my ever-loving thanks, he wanted a McDonalds Party. I assume other countries blessed with the gourmet stylings of McDonalds run these too, but if not, here in Oz, our local McDonalds’ have small party rooms, complete with Happy Meals, Icecream cake, and of course, a fully contained playground for your monkey’s to ATTEMPT to… Read More »Grayson’s 7th Birthday

Why we need Cake now, more than ever

Pretty much everywhere you look, horrible things are happening. War, famine, disease, cruelty, basically the worse of humanity. So why, when our world is so obviously  falling apart, should we care about cake?? I’m glad you asked. How much is too much? As an online Cake Artist, I spend a LOT of time online. A good 90% of my online activity is cake related. Despite that,… Read More »Why we need Cake now, more than ever

Lucien’s 7th Birthday

Amidst the chaos of the Easter School Holidays, out eldest Son turned 7. As we always do, we had a small family party to celebrate, and celebrate we did. Minion Style! For some inexplicable reason, I chose cakes for my children, that I find the hardest to make. I don’t know why It always happens, but happen it does, and this time I finally caved,… Read More »Lucien’s 7th Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday Grayson!

It was our youngest Monkey’s 5th Birthday Party on the weekend. We had all the classics; Fairy Bread, Chocolate Spiders, balloons, and of course, cake. After an *exhaustive* cake selection process, our Son decided on an M&M cake. No worries. How hard could that be?…. The thing that’s not immediately obvious when you agree to stick a few hundred M&M’s onto a cake, is how… Read More »Happy 5th Birthday Grayson!

Why you NEED a Plan B

Things go wrong.  It’s an inescapable truth. As I write this, I’m caring for my eldest Son, who is home from school, sick.  We’re watching Frozen. As you do. I know how much work I normally get done on a Monday. Admin, emails, post, housework, groceries. Shelved. What can you do. But what if you have a Wedding Cake, and something goes wrong? What’s your… Read More »Why you NEED a Plan B

Finding Your Style

When you first start Cake Decorating, like most of us,  you will have followed the customers brief, maybe even faithfully recreated a grainy image of Aunt Cecily’s Wedding Cake for their Golden Anniversary. But what happens when or if you want to find your own style? Maybe you want to take the Cake world by storm with a whole new design style like Katherine Sabbath, or… Read More »Finding Your Style

Why I love Buttercream

Spend 5 minutes on any cake page, and you’ll see pages and pages of sharp edged fondant and ganache. So why then, if they are so popular, would I not only choose to specialise in Buttercream, but shout it from the rooftops? For the full list of reasons why Buttercream is the greatest thing ever, you’ll need to get yourself a coffee and a comfortable… Read More »Why I love Buttercream

When is Icing, Art?

When does Cake become Edible Art? Is there a point when Buttercream becomes an artistic medium? YES. Creation is intent. Simple as that. If you have taken something, anything, and used it to express an idea, an emotion or message, you have created. This has been on my mind for a while, so let’s break down the Art of Caking.. Cake Decorating and Cake Artistry… Read More »When is Icing, Art?