Frosting a cake with Basic Buttercream

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Getting a smooth, perfect finish on your Buttercream cake is easier than you think. It all comes down to using the right tools, and using them the right way.

There are a host of tools available to help you frost your cake quickly, so why do I champion doing it the hard way? Because its a CRITICAL skill of cake decorating. Once you know how to do something, and do it well, not only can you take every shortcut you like, but you'll find you won't have to.  

I can ice a Buttercream cake, perfectly, in 20 minutes. It just takes practice. And i'll show you how!


Tools of the Trade

There are more cake tools available than I can even comprehend, but you actually need very FEW tools to ice a cake smoothly, and I'll show you my favourites.


I use and recommend the Ateco 613 turntable, and the Loyal Bakeware 360 Pro here in Australia. They are very sturdy, and have ball bearing bases, which give it a smooth, even spin. As turntables go, I haven't found better, and I think they fall under MUST HAVES.

They retail for about AU$130, so not cheap, but worth it.


8" Bench Scraper

A good quality, FLAT BOTTOM EDGED scraper is a MUST. You NEED a flat edge to get perfect, straight sides.

I use and HIGHLY recommend the scrapers from Fat Girl Cakes in the US. They are hand made, excellent quality, and most importantly food safe!

Their strong metal blades are easy to heat to 'hot knife' your cakes, and the comfortable, sturdy handle keeps your hand free from icing. Kristen sells them direct, so go visit Fat Girl Cakes to get one.


Offset Spatula - Ateco Wooden Handle Offset Spatula*

You need something to get the icing on your cake. I like to use an offset spatula (and I have included the affiliate link to the one I use), but you can use whatever you feel comfortable with.

Some people like to use straight spatulas, some offset, some like to use palettes knives. As long as it lets you get the icing onto your cake, and smooth it out, it will work. The crisp finish comes from the scraper, more so than the spatula.

Frosting a Cake with Basic Buttercream - The Tutorial

Recorded LIVE on Facebook, I take you through icing your cake from foundation, to finale. This was recorded with me answering live questions from viewers, but if you have any, feel free to comment below!

This tutorial is free to watch, and is hosted by Facebook Video.