Tutorial: Mermaid Sunset Cake

Nothing says Summer like the beach, and what beach would be complete without a Mermaid! Join me for a look at some simple, yet stunning techniques to create your very own Buttercream paradise! Beyond the Sea Its not a beach cake without some waves right?! Using only an offset spatula, you can create the effect of water, complete with movement. What could be a flat… Read More »Tutorial: Mermaid Sunset Cake

10 Devilishly Cute Halloween Treats

Its almost Halloween! The holiday where you have to buy treats for kids that aren’t even yours! Bonus though, you can eat the candy they don’t eat/can’t find the next day. Winning. Now come Halloween, I flinch looking through my news feed. I’m a total sook when it comes to gore, and sadly I have uber talented friends that make super realistic zombies and innards… Read More »10 Devilishly Cute Halloween Treats

10 Scrumptious Spring Bakes

Spring has sprung. Flowers (and their retched pollen!) are blooming everywhere, and delicious fruits are now in season. To celebrate, I have collected together some scrumptious Spring bakes, that are TOTALLY healthy because they have fruit! (don’t go ruining my fantasy with sense and reason!) This chocolately cloud of yum from Artful Desperado. It has fruit, that makes it healthy right?! Not too fussed on… Read More »10 Scrumptious Spring Bakes

Hand Painting on Buttercream

Hand painted lettering is so in right now, and its so much easier than you might imagine! I certainly find it easier than hand piping writing (major props to White Flower Cake Shoppe ??), and its easily adaptable to any ‘font’ you want to use. Now if you are familiar with fondant, you might be expecting to transfer the lettering using graphite. Sorry, your gonna… Read More »Hand Painting on Buttercream

Texturing Buttercream

If you are looking for realism and depth, you gotta add some texture. Its not as hard as it sounds, and it doesn’t even require expensive tools! Have a look around your kitchen or cake room, you probably have most of these already! Silicone Basting Brush Silicone basting brushes are food safe, easy to clean, and come in a variety of bristle styles. They are… Read More »Texturing Buttercream

Product Review: Roxy and Rich Natural Colours for Buttercream

Natural colourings have been round for ages, but I have always resisted using them because they were bland, lacklustre colours, the results were unreliable, and they tasted gross. When I heard about Roxy and Rich’s new Natural Fat Dispersible Dust Colours, I was interested to give them a go, knowing their other ranges of dusts are awesome. Thanks to the folks at Roxy and Rich,… Read More »Product Review: Roxy and Rich Natural Colours for Buttercream

Happy 6th Birthday Grayson!

Our littlest monkey turned 6 this week, and since he is currently obsessed with Super Mario, naturally he needed a Super Mario Party. 6 year old me squealed with glee. The Cake I used fondant on this cake. Whaaaaat?!?!?! Yes, fondant. I could have made the details in Buttercream, but it would have been more difficult, and not as clean, just to prove that I… Read More »Happy 6th Birthday Grayson!