Finding Your Style

When you first start Cake Decorating, like most of us,  you will have followed the customers brief, maybe even faithfully recreated a grainy image of Aunt Cecily’s Wedding Cake for their Golden Anniversary. But what happens when or if you want to find your own style? Maybe you want to take the Cake world by storm with a whole new design style like Katherine Sabbath, or… Read More »Finding Your Style

Why I love Buttercream

Spend 5 minutes on any cake page, and you’ll see pages and pages of sharp edged fondant and ganache. So why then, if they are so popular, would I not only choose to specialise in Buttercream, but shout it from the rooftops? For the full list of reasons why Buttercream is the greatest thing ever, you’ll need to get yourself a coffee and a comfortable… Read More »Why I love Buttercream

Star Tips and Rosettes

Stars… in your multitude.. Sorry, I couldn’t resist, I’m a theatre buff! So you’ve probably heard the terms “open star” and “drop flower” tips, but what do they do, and when do I use them? What’s the best tip for piping rosettes? Open and Closed (Drop) Tips From their name, you can gather that open tips are open, and closed tips are closed, but what… Read More »Star Tips and Rosettes

Professional Photos at Home

So you’ve made a beautiful cake. When the light hits it just right, you could swear you hear Angels singing. So you take a photo, aaaaaand, Blergh. Dull, weird colours, lumps everywhere, what happened?? Photographing your cakes professionally, especially if you sell them, is imperative, but sooo much easier than you think. You don’t need a professional, or expensive equipment, just good natural light, a good… Read More »Professional Photos at Home

Creating a Fairytale

There’s more to Buttercream than meets the eye. Did you know you can texture buttercream with an impression mat, just like fondant? Well you can! You can also mix your media, and add fondant, modelling chocolate, wafer paper, and a host of other edible mediums to your cake, to not just make a pretty cake, but to also tell a story. This week I released… Read More »Creating a Fairytale

When is Icing, Art?

When does Cake become Edible Art? Is there a point when Buttercream becomes an artistic medium? YES. Creation is intent. Simple as that. If you have taken something, anything, and used it to express an idea, an emotion or message, you have created. This has been on my mind for a while, so let’s break down the Art of Caking.. Cake Decorating and Cake Artistry… Read More »When is Icing, Art?

Flower Arranging – Buttercream Style

So you’ve piped some really awesome Buttercream flowers.  They’re beautiful. The colours are perfect. Now what? Flower arranging in Buttercream is pretty much the same as arranging regular flowers, except of course you get to eat these ones! There are a few guidelines you can follow, however, to make it that bit easier. Oddly Enough A great rule of thumb with any layout of flowers,… Read More »Flower Arranging – Buttercream Style

Leaf Tips: A guide to Foliage

Leaves and foliage can make or break your Floral Cake. There has been many a time where I have chosen my flowers, placed them on a cake and thought “this isn’t going to work..”, then Boom! Leaves and foliage add realism, depth and colour to your cake, and choosing the right tip to use is the first step. I use two leaf tips primarily; the… Read More »Leaf Tips: A guide to Foliage

Basic Borders

Borders are more than something to put on the edge of the cake to fill it out. They enhance the lines of your cake, which also means that mistakes can be amplified, so rather than hiding your cake, a border frames your hard work, and becomes part of the design. Borders can be simple or elaborate, and simple doesn’t always mean plain. I almost exclusively… Read More »Basic Borders