Product Review: Americolor Gels – New Shades!

AMERICOLOR GELS PROVIDED BY BAKE AND DECO WAREHOUSE Introducing the New Shades! As you would know, I’m a big fan of Americolor, so when I heard they had made some new colours, I was possibly excessively excited. And I must say, they are worth the excitement. The new colours are Moss, Eggplant, Wedgewood, Pumpkin, Cypress, Midnight, and Espresso.  I gave them a test as you… Read More »Product Review: Americolor Gels – New Shades!

Colouring Basic Buttercream

Colouring Buttercream is not quite as straight forward as you might think. For a start, butter is yellow. Yellow! Which means if you add blue, you don’t get blue, you get Green! Sorcery! So how do you colour buttercream?  What types of colours should you use?  And how do I get White Buttercream? Whiter Shade of Pale There are a few ways to lighten Buttercream,… Read More »Colouring Basic Buttercream