10 Scrumptious Spring Bakes

Spring has sprung. Flowers (and their retched pollen!) are blooming everywhere, and delicious fruits are now in season. To celebrate, I have collected together some scrumptious Spring bakes, that are TOTALLY healthy because they have fruit! (don’t go ruining my fantasy with sense and reason!) This chocolately cloud of yum from Artful Desperado. It has fruit, that makes it healthy right?! Not too fussed on… Read More »10 Scrumptious Spring Bakes

All About Flour

Flour is a pretty common ingredient in most cakes and bakes, but just what is flour, and what does it do? What is All Purpose Flour? Can I substitute Gluten Free Flour for the flour that my recipe calls for? Strap yourselves in, its flour time! What is Flour? Flour is a powder made from finely milled grains. Wheat is by far the most commonly… Read More »All About Flour

All About Sugar

There’s a whole lot of sugar out there, and I’m not just talking about Chris Evans! There are so many different types of sugar, and sugar products, involved in baking and decorating cakes and sweets, that it can be a bit much to get your head around! What on earth is demerara sugar? Can I substitute it? Is it called something different where I’m from?… Read More »All About Sugar