10 Must Try Cupcake Recipes

Sometimes you wanna try a new recipe, or even something REALLY decadent, but a full size cake just seems like too many stairs. That’s where the cupcake comes in! I’ve scoured the internet, and I’ve found my 10 favourites! The sweet taste of Coconut, with the tang of Blackberry, yes please! Delicious morsels from Baking a Moment. Baileys Cupcakes. Perfect for Winter’s by the fire. If they turn… Read More »10 Must Try Cupcake Recipes

Product Review: Berry Fresh Freeze Dried Berry Powder

Berry Fresh Freeze Dried Fruit Powder used in this review, provided by Berry Fresh Australia It is a truth universally acknowledged that fruit and cake go together like, well, fruit and cake! Sweet and sour, tangy and bitter, fruit adds flavour, fun, and freshness to a range of bakes. The kicker is, fruit is finicky. Fruit spoils, or may not be in season, or requires… Read More »Product Review: Berry Fresh Freeze Dried Berry Powder

Product Review: Black Cocoa Powder from Cakers Warehouse

Black frosting. It’s the holy grail of frostings. It can be achieved, but it comes at a cost, usually a weird taste, green teeth, and green.. other stuff. I had heard of Black Cocoa Powder, used to make what you may have heard of as “Blackout Buttercream”, but alas, I couldn’t get it here is Australia. The few international suppliers I could find that actually… Read More »Product Review: Black Cocoa Powder from Cakers Warehouse

10 Magical Mermaid Cakes

Picture it, Australia, 1989. Little Girls and Boys everywhere, watching ‘The Little Mermaid” for the first time. Minds were blown. Outfits were created. Unrealistic expectations of ‘Surf hair’ were born. And no one, NO ONE ever got out of the pool normally again! Flash forward to 2017, and the Mermaid craze is back full force. And I could not be more excited. I had the… Read More »10 Magical Mermaid Cakes

Buttercream Essentials: What you NEED to get started

Liking the look of this Buttercream thing? Wanna have a try? Awesome! Your first visit to a Cake Supply Store can be overwhelming. Everything is shiny, and looks really useful. So just what do you NEED to get started? I’m breaking down my personal list of ‘must haves’, complete with prices, to get you started on your Buttercream journey, and to hopefully save you some money!… Read More »Buttercream Essentials: What you NEED to get started

Basic Buttercream

Notes Basic Buttercream is safe at room temperature for one week. I don’t recommend refrigerating or freezing Basic Buttercream, as it messes with the consistency. You can however freeze prepiped flowers, or moulded elements for up to 3 months, as long as they are well covered to avoid freezer burn.

Piping a Buttercream Rose

If you like Buttercream, you probably LOVE Buttercream Roses. They are beautiful, timeless, and 100% edible (which is probably my favourite part!) They are also one of the most agonised over, and remain my most requested for classes, and for hints and tips. So can ANYONE learn how to pipe a Buttercream Rose? OF COURSE!! Just takes some practice, the right tools, and most importantly,… Read More »Piping a Buttercream Rose