Lucien’s 7th Birthday

Amidst the chaos of the Easter School Holidays, out eldest Son turned 7. As we always do, we had a small family party to celebrate, and celebrate we did. Minion Style! For some inexplicable reason, I chose cakes for my children, that I find the hardest to make. I don’t know why It always happens, but happen it does, and this time I finally caved,… Read More »Lucien’s 7th Birthday

Dark Chocolate Mudcake

[lt_recipe name=”Dark Chocolate Mudcake” servings=”2×6″x3″ Cakes” prep_time=”10M” cook_time=”90M” total_time=”1H40M” difficulty=”Easy” print=”yes” image=”” ingredients=”1 cup Self Raising Flour;;1 cup Plain (All Purpose) Flour;;1 1/2 cup Dark Brown Sugar;;2 Tablespoons Cocoa Powder;;3 Eggs Large;;1 1/2 cup Milk Low fat or light;;2 teaspoons Vanilla Essence/flavouring;;200 grams Dark Chocolate, Melted with oil;;1/3 cup Rice Bran Oil (Substitute Light Olive Oil if you prefer);;2 Tablespoons Butterspread or Margarine” ]Preheat your… Read More »Dark Chocolate Mudcake