cookie decorating

Modelling Chocolate

Notes **While it only takes about 10 minutes to mix the modelling chocolate, it needs to rest for AT LEAST an hour, or until its very firm, otherwise you’ll have melty oily chocolate goo** Its very important that the corn syrup and chocolate are as close to the same temperature as possible, otherwise the mix will seize. You can use a candy thermometer, but a… Read More »Modelling Chocolate

Royal Icing

Do you love cookies? Of course you do! And believe it or not, they are actually as much fun to decorate, as they are to eat! True story! My favourite medium for cookie decorating is Royal Icing, hands down.  I love to pipe, so it ticks that box, but it also allows you to blend colours, patterns, and layers, as well as add minute detail,… Read More »Royal Icing