Edible Art

Creating a Garden

Vibrant reds, pinks and yellow roses, blend with delicate white flowers, and rich green foliage.  A breath taking display of beauty, right at the foot of one of Sydney greatest technical achievements. The simple, timeless beauty of the roses reminds us that while we are constantly evolving, and innovating, we also need to appreciate the natural world, and stop to smell the roses. I continue… Read More »Creating a Garden

When is Icing, Art?

When does Cake become Edible Art? Is there a point when Buttercream becomes an artistic medium? YES. Creation is intent. Simple as that. If you have taken something, anything, and used it to express an idea, an emotion or message, you have created. This has been on my mind for a while, so let’s break down the Art of Caking.. Cake Decorating and Cake Artistry… Read More »When is Icing, Art?