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Upcoming Classes

Group Classes

Open to ALL skill levels. Group classes are capped at 10 persons, and generally take 5-6 hours. Classes may be taught by Kerrie Wyer, or by a visiting teacher. Everything you need for the classes, including lunch and snacks, is provided.

Basic Skills Classes

Open to ALL skill levels, but intended for those with zero experience in decorating. These classes are capped at 6 persons, and run for 3 hours. Everything you need for the classes is provided. Tea and Coffee included.

Private Classes

Private classes are capped at 2 persons, and are intended for intensive learning, either on specific skills, or a custom project. Private classes can be scheduled weekdays for 3 hours, or Weekends for larger projects. Booking prices for larger projects are available on application.

All of these classes are held at my studio here in Campbelltown, NSW, Australia.